Still Water Hollow Bridal Social

There are so many reasons why April is my favorite month.

It's my birthday month.

The weather is starting to get nicer in Idaho...although a bit moody & indecisive at times.

We're on the cusp of wedding season.

On Saturday, April 18, we were a part of an annual event at Still Water Hollow that we have been blessed to be involved with for a couple of years. This year was especially special for us because we would be introducing Lilly the photo bus to everyone in attendance. When we started the process of building Idaho Photo Bus, we had this date in mind frome the very beginning. Everything had to be complete by this date. Come rain or shine, Lilly would be taking pictures! There were nearly 65 brides and their guests in attendance. It was a fabulous morning. If you've never had an opportunity to visit Still Water Hollow, you are missing out! This is a beautiful venue located in Nampa and it is such a special place. Brunch was provided by Horsewood Catering. My husband laughed because I basically invited the crew to join us all on future camping trips that we do as a family. The food was delicious... I'm always a sucker for a good omelete. Another important intorudction was Ollie the Treat Truck. Dee (Bri's mom) had been working on this project for some time, so it was very nice to see Ollie (who is a "he" I learned after referring to him as a "she" about 20 times) ready to serve up guests! If you are planning a wedding or special event in the future, I encourage you to reach out to the vendors that were a part of this bridal social. They are some of the best that we've had the opportunity to work with...and I'm not kidding, the food was good :-) Below are a few highlights from this wonderful Saturday morning in Nampa, Idaho!

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